Welcome to part 4 of My Mega Workflow Post For Matched Betting Profits. Today I will be talking about the Matched Betting Blog. For my other posts click below.

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If you have been following along so far you would have already worked through the offers from Team Profit and Oddsmonkey and should be well on your way to building up your profits and overall bank.

An unlikely but highly reliable source for reload offers comes from a source I stumbled upon called matchedbettingblog.com, catchy title right?

I don’t actually know the who the guy is that runs the blog but apparently he looks like this:

Matched Betting Blog

Since 2014 he has blogged and over £30,000 worth of profits and counting, and his guides are very thorough and easy to understand, which makes it a sound resource for beginners.

How To Make Profit With The Matched Betting Blog

As the matched betting blog only posts offers from the main bookkeepers such as William Hill, Paddy Power etc you can be assured that you are not going to be caught out with any dodgy bookkeepers.

As per my workflow (see below to jog your memory) after I have completed all the Team Profit and Oddsmonkey offers I move onto the reload offers at this site.

Things 3

The process here is very simple so be prepared for the short and sweet!

Step One: Naviagate to Matched Betting Blog

Go to matchedbettingblog.com and on the main page you will find offers card that look like this:

Matched Betting Blog Offer

In the bottom left hand corner you will find the date and start time of each event.

Any completed offers look like this with the actual profit earned from the offer.

Matched Betting Blog Offer Complete

Step Two: Choose the offers you wish to complete

At the time of writing there are £68.39 worth of offers available, of which £5.38 is guaranteed profit.

Once you have decided, click on the relevant offer and you will find full instructions on how to complete.

As a general rule of thumb I complete all offers, unless I have already completed them through the Oddsmonkey daily calendar.

If you are just getting started with matched betting and would like some help, leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to help!


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