This page is where I put the best resources I use when it comes to building my blog, business and matched betting profits. Check them out below.

Matched Betting

Betting Exchanges

Betting exchanges are required for placing the lay bet against your back bet. There are four main players out there as seen below. It is useful to sign up to all of them so you can take advantage of the best odds available.


Matchbook is a peer-to-peer betting exchange designed for smart bettors who want more value. Offering deep liquidity and low commissions, Matchbook returns maximum value to bettors and promises to never limit or restrict winning accounts. On Matchbook, bettors find better odds more often across all markets including football, NFL, NBA, MLB, and most recently, Horse Racing. At the moment they are doing 0% commission on all sports until 31st December 2018 so definitely worthwhile signing up.


Betfair broke the mould when it was founded, pioneering an online betting Exchange in 2000 that allowed customers to set their own odds for the first time. They’ve been just as disruptive ever since, leading the way through innovative products such as Cash Out. As one of the leaders in betting exchanges, Betfair is reliable and often one of my go-to’s for laying competitive bets.


Smarkets simplifies peer-to-peer trading on sporting and political events. With our industry-leading commission rates, you can set your own odds and trade against others with confidence. Betting should be priced like a commodity, because it is one. Sign up with the link below and get a £10 risk free bet!


Betdaq are certainly not one of the better known names in the world of UK online gambling, but they do punch well above their weight when it comes to the amount of different markets that they offer. Although they don’t have as many as the “big boys” they still provide more than enough to keep even the most serious gambler interested.

Matched Betting Services

The below matched betting services are the resources I used to learn all I know about matched betting. They have been a huge help in taking me from a beginner to more advanced matched bettor in the space of a few months. Profit Accumulator is another great option and much better if casino offers end up being your thing.


OddsMonkey makes it simple for you to earn a tax-free second income. Probably the leaders in the matched betting world they have all the tools to become a matched bettor including their own Oddsmatching software. With full training, offers and a supportive community they are truly your one stop shop. You can get started for free and earn your first £45 within an hour with their free introduction guides.

Profit Accumulator

If you want to cover all bases, Profit Accumulator is another good option. Searching for all the bonuses is very time consuming and if you did it yourself it probably wouldn't be worthwhile. Profit Accumulator does all the work for you by listing all the best bonuses and helping you every step of the way. As the UKs largest matched betting community sign up for a free trial and they'll help you make up to £45!


Below are the resources I have found useful building my blog. This project has been an exercise in patience and plenty of trial and error. Hopefully the below can make creating your blog a little easier.


Notice my fancy new logo? This was done by Mniluka for £5 though Fiverr. He provided me with two concepts and I chose the best one. Not bad right? Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace for digital services for all your blogging needs. Give it a try.


Grant Cardone

If you are like me and are not only a matched bettor but also in sales, Grant Cardone must be the go to resource for all sales training. He’s worth a fortune and has a bunch of knowledge to share