Welcome to part 2 of My Mega Workflow Post For Matched Betting Profits. To check out part 1 click here. This post is focusing on the second task of my matched betting workflow which is ‘Complete Oddsmonkey guaranteed profit offers’

So if you followed me from my last post you would have spent the last 15-20 or so clearing your free bets and making some healthy profits, and in this part of the post (and the next few at-least) I want to share where I find my next free bets. As I’m very much aware how much of a pain this could be, hopefully clearing the last days profits gives you a bit of motivation. After all, this is where the fun starts..right?

Of the 100’s of bets available to a matched bettor on a daily basis it can become very to get overwhelmed about where to start and which offers to complete. When this happens I tend to adhere to the following criteria:

  • Guaranteed profits
  • Ease to complete

Remember, the goal with matched betting should be to make as much money as possible in the shortest amount of time. If you are spending all day matched betting you are better off working on a real business.

Fortunately there are tools and services out there that can make the matched betting process as easy/pain free as possible and this is where the Oddsmonkey daily offers calendar becomes an integral resource for my workflow.

Using The Oddsmonkey Daily Offers Calendar


For those that don’t know as a company that was set up in back in 2011, Oddsmonkey was the original matched betting software provider.

For 5 years they provided the software used by over 30,000 matched bettors (most notably the bet calculator and the oddsmatcher software).

In April 2016 they decided that they didn’t want to simply offer the tools, they wanted to provide matched betters the full package and felt they could do it better than anyone else!

In the past year they have gone from strength to strength, adding; new and innovative matched betting tools, over 60 bookmaker offers, a really intuitive daily offers calendar, friendly and helpful forum and support (with over half a million posts!), free one-to-one training and much more.

They truely are a one stop shop for both beginner and advanced matched bettors!

How to use Oddsmonkey for quick profits

Step One: Open up the Oddsmonkey offers calendar.

Oddsmonkey Menu
The offers calendar can be found under the offers section of the Oddsmonkey menu bar


Step Two: Sort offers with the following criteria

  • Easy
  • Profit I(highest first)

Offer Sorting

Step Three: Back and lay all guaranteed profit bets using the Oddsmonkey Oddsmatcher.

Oddsmonkey Results

You will notice from the snapshot above that all guaranteed profit offers are highlighted in blue. Aim to do these first before attempting any other offers, as you may run out of liability depending on how large your bank is. For Friday the 6th of July there are £195 worth of easy risk free offers available, and if you could work through these with in less than a couple of hours, it makes for quite a nice little supplementary income.

In tomorrows post (2b) I’m going to run through how I use the Oddsmatcher tool to place quick back and lay bets for ultimate efficiency.

As I hope you are starting to see, the earnings possible from matched betting can be huge. This is why I recommend it to so many looking to start a side hustle and supplementary income.

Do you currently have a side hustle? If so, let me know in the comments below.

If not, you can get started with an Oddsmonkey Trial and be on your way to making profits almost instantly. Click the banner.




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