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Once you have exhausted all your welcome offers through Team Profitor Oddsmonkey , the bookmakers want to keep you coming back and ‘gambling; more money. Cheeky buggers they are.

For this reason you will often find offers sent to your inbox tempting you back to their sites. By sending you these continuous offers it is their hope that you will form a habit and start gambling more of you hard earned cash. Please don’t, and if you do start gambling and punting without matched betting perhaps this is not for your.

Nevertheless, there are sometime good opportunities to be had and others are rubbish and a waste of time. Below I will outline the offers I look out for an the ones you should too.

Bet and Get Offers

These types of offers are great and most definitely worth doing and guaranteed profit. Similar to the welcome offers you should have a good handle on the process if you have these but if not check out the Oddsmonkey platform.

Deposit for Free Spins

These offers are great if you can find ones that are a) deposit for free spins (winnings used before cash) or b) have a loophole where you can deposit to activate spins, withdraw cash and then use spins (much like Cashmio above. Be careful you do check the T&C though of these kind of offers. Sometimes cash gets locked in and has to be wagered before being able to withdraw. Not a position I personally like to be in.

Bet and Get if X Happens

Finally these kind of offers are very good. Essentially its where if you place a bet and a certian outcome takes place you will get a refund or free bet of the stated amount.

Whilst the results these kinds of offers don’t always happen, over time the more of them you do increase the chances.

I’d advise having a little more experience and completing welcome offers etc through Oddsmonkey before moving onto these as there is a tiny risk.

With matched betting there are plenty of techniques to get a handle on, so I’d recommend just learning each individually to start with until you get the hang of it.


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