Welcome to the first instalment in a series of posts upgrading your life to make more money, be more successful and basically feel more awesome. When it comes to making more money and being more successful one of the first things we need to get sorted are our minds. How are you going to be motived, squeeze every minute out of each day and run an organised business if you are an emotional wreck and your monkey brain can’t string 2 thoughts together? Trust me I’ve been there, over the course of this email I’m going to share with you three practices that I have implemented into my daily routine to help me work more effectively.

1. Meditation

When it comes to managing the mind I think it can be agreed that meditation has been proven time and time again to:

  • Reduce stress
  • Improve concentration
  • Benefits cardiovascular and immune heath
  • Improve focus
  • Positively affect your mood

Just to name a few. Hence why meditation should be the first thing you do after waking, it sets you up for a generally more productive and happier day! That means before you look at your phone or check your email, we want to start the day proactive not reactive!

One of the best apps I’ve out there I’ve found has to be the iPhone Headspace app. With a free 10 day introduction course , it’s a sure fire way to jumpstart your meditation practice and your day! Click here to download the app. As mentioned before I tend do this first thing in the morning, try this for 10 days and you’ll quickly notice how different you feel.

2. Cold Water Therapy

When it comes to being productive and making money (time is money as they say) it’s can become very easy to get distracted over the course of the day, especially into the afternoon hours where energy levels start to slump and all you feel like is a mind afternoon nap. But no! We have work to do! This is when I tend to employ some good ‘ol cold water therapy to being me back to the present and re-energise me for the arvo/evening ahead. For example, when you get home and prepare to work on your side hustle (more on this later) you take a five minute cold shower to boost your energy levels for the work ahead.

Now, I know what you are probably thinking, the thought of a cold shower might make you want to jump out of your skin! That’s why I use The Wim Hof Method, this is a video series which takes you from a 30 second cold shower to a 15 minute ice bath over the period of 10 weeks, as well as breathing and stretching techniques to further centre and improve the mind. Try it and You’ll be amazed at the results.

3. Visualisation

Last but not least important I’d like to touch on the topic of visualisation. Originally popularised in the ground breaking book ‘Psycho-Cybernetics‘ visualisation has been proven time and time again to reprogram your subconscious mind for more success, clarity and happiness.

Also called ‘mental pictures’ or ‘rehearsal practice’, visualisation has been used by men and women since the beginning of time to achieve success. You may not realise but the human brain, the nervous system and muscular system operations as a highly complex “servo-mechanism” (an automatic goal-seeking machine which steers its to a target or goal by use of feedback data and stored information). This does not imply YOU are a machine, but your physical brain and body function as a machine that YOU operate. This ‘machine-like function’ is not an operation of the conscious but the conscious mind. When you see what you want clearly in your mind (the subconscious) you creative success mechanism takes over and does the job MUCH better than you could by conscious effort. To learn more about the function of the sub-conscious mind and how it influences success you can read more in the book Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz.

So how would one start a daily visualisation practice?

You present self-image was built upon your own real life experiences in the past which grew out of interpretations and evaluations of the world upon which you experienced. We will now use the same method (but in your mind) to build an improved self-image rather than an inadequate one.

Set aside a period of 30 mintutes per day where you can be alone and undisturbed. Relax and make yourself comfortable, close your eye and exercise your imagination.

There are many techniques you can use but many people find they get better results if they imagine themselves sitting before a large movie screen and they are seeing a movie of themselves play out before them. The most important thing here is to make these pictures as vivid, life-like and detailed as possible. You want the mental pictures to feel like actual experiences, thinking about the 5 senses, what do you see, hear, feel, taste and touch? If you don’t know exactly what to visualise just start by running through your perfect day and what that would look like. How would you feel if you were already the person you wished to be?

Over time, and if done consistently this exercise builds new ‘memories’ in the brain and central nervous system. It builds a new image of self. You will start to notice yourself acting differently, your subconscious mind guiding you in the direction of a more successful self. Trust me it works.

If you are looking for something to help visualise I can recommend this binaural beat on youtube. It’s 30 minutes long so perfect for a full visualisation session and really helps promote a vivid visualisation sessions.

How Implement Into Your Day?

Hopefully you have found this post useful, it’s a bunch of information and could imagine quite overwhelming as to where to start so this is how I would implement the above techniques into your day. I tend to have 3 routines throughout the day, and as a daily practice is best when it comes to mind management can recommend the following:

Morning Routine

10-20 mins Headspace Meditation

Afternoon Routine (after work)

Wim Hof Method (to refresh and get you ready for evening work or side hustle)

Evening Routine

30 mins Visualisation Techniques

Now that you are well on the way to a more productive and successful mind, stay tuned for my next post on optimising your body! Give the above techniques a try and let me know how you feel in the comments below!


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