Are you sick and tired of banging your head against a brick wall, make call after call only to be blind sided by the gate keeper every time you pick up the phone?

Well my friend you’ve been prospecting all wrong and its time for you to get yourself on Linkedin NOW!

Ask anyone in Sales – its the senior decision makers that are tough has hell to get though to, especially in London. You can’t even knock on a door without getting thrown out before even making it in…senior decision makers get inundated with call and emails every single day so why on earth should they speak with you?

While phone and email are good tools for the relentless prospector sometimes they are simply too well guarded. That’s where inMail comes in.

InMail is LinkedIn’s internal email system and allows you to send an email to any LinkedIn user without requiring an introduction. Basically, it ensures your email gets through to their inbox. LinkedIn claims that an InMail is 30 times more likely to get a response than a cold call.

The reason being, is it puts the Director/CEO/Senior Exec back in control, they can choose whether they would want to engage with you (after scoping your profile of course). Why would someone waste their time engaging with a salesman they know nothing about?

InMails are only available on paid accounts. The higher level the account you have, the more you get. On the entry-level business account you’ll get three to five InMail ‘credits’ each month. This means you’ll want to reserve them for when everything else fails. But the good news is that if you receive a response to an InMail within 90 days – even a “not interested” response – the credit you spent to send it gets refunded.

Is it about time you changed your prospecting game? Sign up to for a free trial to Linkedin HERE.


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