Matched betting give everyday people in the UK the ability to extract up to £600 profit from bookmakers completely risk free.

You may have seen offers from bookmakers advertised on TV/Internet where they give punters deals along the line of, “bet £5 and get £20 free”.

For example when we sign up to a bookmaker and place our first £5 bet, we will get a £20 bet in return!

In total there are over 25 bookmakers in the UK that offer welcome offers such as these and whilst some people only stick with one or two bookmakers we make the most of it and sign up to all 25.

With all these offers available this means we can recieve over £800 in free bets or £600 in cash profit! A nice addition to anybodys bank account.

Interest In Matched Betting
Matched betting interest over time

Now, I know what you are thinking…what if I place my £5 free bet and £20 free bet but lose both, wouldn’t I just be losing money? Well this is where matched betting comes in.

With matched betting we take our initial £5 bet and match it by betting on the opposite outcome.

For example, we could place a bet on Arsenel TO win on the book maker Coral and then matched by placing a bet on NOT to win on what we call an exchange.

By placing a bet on both outcomes the two essentially cancel each other out (we don’t win, but we also don’t loose) BUT we still recieve the £20 free bet!

Pretty cool huh?

Now we can take the same process and use the £20 free bet to get the winnings paid out as cash, which means we will always make profit completely risk free!

So for example, for every £20 free bet we can make approximately £15 worth of profit.

Each offer takes about 20 mins to complete this gives us an hourly wage of about £40, and the best this is that all winnings are completely tax free. Sorry Mr Taxman!

If you want to get start the guys at Oddsmonkey have an awesome guide which can get you on the road to making extra cash in no time. If you want to get started click the banner below, or flick me a message with any questions!



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