Since starting Matched Betting part-time almost 2 years ago, I have managed to build a fairly considerable bank, to the tune of almost £4,000 in fact. Whilst this is a fairly good result for part-time matched betting the inevitable bookkeeper gubbing’s have started to hammer down on me thick and fast.

This has meant less sporting offers and therefore less profit. I’m frankly too lazy and no longer have time to scourer the internet for every £5 free bet here and there. For that reason, I needed an income stream that could result in good earnings without taking loads of time.

I was in desperate need for a change of tactic.

Enter the world of Casino Offers

Up until recently, I had always put off casino offers due to the fear of losing all my hard-earned cash! Whilst it is true you can lose money doing casino offers, it’s not until you understand the mechanics of it do you realize how it works and how much money can be made! Since starting on casino offers a little over two months ago I have made over £700 in tax-free cash! See the diagram below for proof of earnings.

Pretty impressive right? And a much-needed financial boost living in a very expensive London!

In saying that, casino offers are not a way to get rich quick nor is it going to make you thousands of pounds. It is simply a great way to earn a cheeky side income without having to put in too much work!

On average you should be able to clear a good £200-£300 per month for only a few hours a week work.

What’s The Risk?

With casino offers, you will invariably have to lose money to make money. This is why it is advisable to only risk funds you have made through matched betting already (click here to read my matched betting introduction).  By completing offers that have an average positive EV (estimated value), over time we can expect to make a profit.

Because casino offers are not always risk-free it is important that they are approached with a mindset that you will lose money, but will make a profit in the long run. Chasing losses can be a recipe for disaster and in a future post, I will explain how to minimize the chance of it happening.


It would be irresponsible of me to suggest signing up to and using online casinos without making mention of the dangers of gambling. It can become highly ADDICTIVE. If you have the kind of personality the craves addictive type behaviors, I would recommend staying clear of casino offers altogether.

It is very important to stay disciplined and avoid chasing losses. Remember you are simply exploiting a mathematical edge that builds over the long term. By exploiting this, we can remove the emotional aspect from the equation.

In saying that, if you or anyone you know is battling with gambling addiction, here are some resources to get help. It’s no joke.

Next steps

If you are interested in exploring casino offers further, check out my next post where I will be explaining the different types of casino offers available.


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