I recently finished the audio book How To Be F**king Awesome by Dan Merideth and whilst initially I thought he was a bit full of himself, the more listened to him the more some of his systems and techniques for productivity started to make sense.

A particular system that started to resonate with me was what he called the ‘Sunday brain dump and 3-5 System’. Like myself, it seemed that Dan suffers from the incessant noise in head with a thousand and one things to do and it seemed this system is what assisted in processing his thoughts.

This technique came from a client of his who happened to be one of the most successful people in town, and he taught Dan a system he had been using to remove a metric tonne of stress and be massively productive. What was this system you ask? Well in the words of Dan quoting his extra rich friend, he said:

Every day I write a list. That list has no less than three and no more than five important things that I need to do for my business. That Dan, is all I do.

That’s it, simple fail proof productivity. No more overwhelm trying to complete a hundred tasks a day.

Now how would one turn the above quote into a fully fledged productivity system? I will outline the details below:

  1. Every Sunday write out all the things that need doing for the week, this includes any ideas you may have that could be turned into tasks later. A clear mind is a productive one. I use Omnifocus – one of the best productivity apps out there by The Omni Group but what you use is completely down to personal preference.
  2. Take 3-5 tasks per day and add them to your calendar. It’s probably wise to add these tasks in order of priority but I think just getting started is the key. If its important you will make it a priority!

As an example here is a snapshot of my list today. It was a home day so nothing exciting but things that need to get done nonetheless!.


Do you have a productivity method that you use on a regular basis? If so leave a comment below. If you want to hear more about Dan Merediths productivity techniques or just need a kick up the ass I recommend his book! Check it out below.


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