Welcome to the first in a series of blog posts explaining how we can make £600 profit risk-free with matched betting.

You may have seen bookmaker welcome offers advertised on TV and/or in the windows of popular gambling shops around London and the UK.

These are usually along the lines of Bet £5 get a £20 free bet or something of the sort. A customer would typically sign up to the bookmaker, place their first £5 bet and in return the bookmaker gives them a £20 free bet…

There are over 30 bookmakers with welcome offers, amounting to £800 worth of free bets and, by using matched betting techniques, we can extract approximately £600 worth of cash profit from these.

The important distinction to make is that Matched Betting is not gambling. At no point will you be relying on chance or risking your own money.

How Is Matched Betting Risk-Free?

We make Matched Betting risk-free by simply betting on both outcomes when placing our bets.

For example, if we bet £5 on Liverpool to win a game, we would also bet £5 on Liverpool not to win. That way, you can’t lose. If the team we bet on draws, this is the same as Liverpool not winning and therefore all outcomes are covered.

Using the above approach means we don’t win any money, but we don’t lose any either, however, we now have our £20 free bet with which we can extract our profit from.

We do this by repeating the above process with our free bet.

How Much Can You Make?

For every £20 free bet you’ll make approximately £15 cash profit, which each offer taking approximately 30 minutes to complete. Which gives us an hourly wage of approximately £30 an hour from the sign up offers alone.

You can start with a bankroll of as little as £10 ( or more if you want to earn faster) and best of all the winnings are completely tax-free.

Recurring Offers

But the fun doesn’t end there, once you have completed a welcome offer, bookmakers tend to keep sending free bets to existing customers. This means we can continue to profit well after the signup offers are complete.

Matched Betting the perfect way to make money on the side.

If you interested in making an extra £600, join me in the next post where I will explain a few fundamentals of betting.

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